Preventing bathroom water damage

A bathroom is the place where we use most of the water daily. Around 75% household water usage takes place in the bathroom. That is why bathrooms are the most susceptible to water damage. Water damage – the mere mention of it is enough to send chill down your spine. Repair related to water damage is an expensive, meticulous and lengthy process. However, you can easily avoid this damage if you take proper steps that to in advance. This article will give you a few tips that will help preventing water damage in your bathroom.


Take Care of Bathroom Pipes:


The most common type of water damage happens in pipes. Like everything, your bathroom pipes do not last long. The most common problem related to pipes is rust especially where the water it is carrying is very hard. Hard water means the water has high mineral content. These minerals easily react with metal pipes and causes leaks. So, conduct pipe inspection at a regular basis to find out any type of leakage or pipe problem at the very primary stage. You can clean your pipe from time to time with the help of a plumber especially if the water of your areas is very hard. If necessary, change your bathroom pipes after consulting an experienced plumber. Prior changing may save you from water damage.


Take Care of The Bathtub:


The bathtub in the bathroom is another place where gallons of water are distributed every day. Check whether your bathtub is in good condition. If you have small children at your home keep an eye on them and check whether they are using the bathtub properly. Children like to play with water. Try to minimize the splashing f water with your little ones in the tub. See that they are not storing water in the tub for a long time. Drain the water as soon as they have finished bathing because standing water can find its way into all sorts of hairline cracks and spaces. It is always better to wipe your bathtub dry after every use.


Take Care of the Bathroom Sink:


Bathroom sink is another common place where water damage may happen now and when. Check under the sink and be sure that there are no drips from the faucet attached to the sink. Checks sink seals at a regular basis whether there is any crack or leak. Replace them if there is any type of damage. Keep your bathroom sink unclogged always. Check the speed of water passing through the sink drain. If you discover clogged sink in the bathroom call a professional plumber to solve the problem. Do not do any type of experiment even with this smallest problem of your bathroom of your own. You may worsen the situation.


Check Safety Valve:


You must know where the safety valve of your house is so that you can stop the main water supply of the house in emergency situation. Frequently check the safety valves whether it is in the right condition.


Install an Exhaust Fan:


Keep your bathroom dry always. For this reason, your bathroom always needs a good quality exhaust fan to throw out moist air outside.

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