Preventing bathroom water damage

A bathroom is the place where we use most of the water daily. Around 75% household water usage takes place in the bathroom. That is why bathrooms are the most susceptible to water damage. Water damage – the mere mention of it is enough to send chill down your spine. Repair related to water damage is an expensive, meticulous and lengthy process. However, you can easily avoid this damage if you take proper steps that to in advance. This article will give you a few tips that will help preventing water damage in your bathroom.


Take Care of Bathroom Pipes:


The most common type of water damage happens in pipes. Like everything, your bathroom pipes do not last long. The most common problem related to pipes is rust especially where the water it is carrying is very hard. Hard water means the water has high mineral content. These minerals easily react with metal pipes and causes leaks. So, conduct pipe inspection at a regular basis to find out any type of leakage or pipe problem at the very primary stage. You can clean your pipe from time to time with the help of a plumber especially if the water of your areas is very hard. If necessary, change your bathroom pipes after consulting an experienced plumber. Prior changing may save you from water damage.


Take Care of The Bathtub:


The bathtub in the bathroom is another place where gallons of water are distributed every day. Check whether your bathtub is in good condition. If you have small children at your home keep an eye on them and check whether they are using the bathtub properly. Children like to play with water. Try to minimize the splashing f water with your little ones in the tub. See that they are not storing water in the tub for a long time. Drain the water as soon as they have finished bathing because standing water can find its way into all sorts of hairline cracks and spaces. It is always better to wipe your bathtub dry after every use.


Take Care of the Bathroom Sink:


Bathroom sink is another common place where water damage may happen now and when. Check under the sink and be sure that there are no drips from the faucet attached to the sink. Checks sink seals at a regular basis whether there is any crack or leak. Replace them if there is any type of damage. Keep your bathroom sink unclogged always. Check the speed of water passing through the sink drain. If you discover clogged sink in the bathroom call a professional plumber to solve the problem. Do not do any type of experiment even with this smallest problem of your bathroom of your own. You may worsen the situation.


Check Safety Valve:


You must know where the safety valve of your house is so that you can stop the main water supply of the house in emergency situation. Frequently check the safety valves whether it is in the right condition.


Install an Exhaust Fan:


Keep your bathroom dry always. For this reason, your bathroom always needs a good quality exhaust fan to throw out moist air outside.

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How to unclog a bathtub

A clogged bathtub is really frustrating especially when you want to take a comfortable and relaxing shower after coming from your workplace. In a clogged bathtub the water passes so slowly or does not passes at all that you lose your patience. This clogged bathtub is one of the most common problems of every home. Causes of the clogged bathtub are soaps, greases, hair, etc. It is important to unclog your bathtub drain as soon as possible because standing water can create various health and environmental problems at your home.

What You Can Do If Bathtub Clogs:

The easiest way to clean a bathtub is to remove the strainer or stopper from the drain and clean off the strained dirt. You can do another thing. Mix 2 tablespoons baking soda in a cup of vinegar. Pour the mixture in the bathtub and wait for about half an hour. After that, pour a good amount of boiling hot water in the drain. It will help to unclog the bathtub. Whatever may be the cause, you should solve the bathtub clogging as early as possible because various problems may be caused due to standing water in the bathtub.

Hazards Related to Bathroom Clogging:

1. Standing water is the breeding ground of various insects like mosquitoes, flies, etc. they grow in number very fast. Mosquitoes and flies carry germs of life threatening diseases that could both harm you and your pets.

2. Standing water causes mold or mildew which may create breathing trouble to you.

3. Standing water creates foul odor in home which is intolerable.

The Best Possible Way to Get Rid of Clogged Bathtub:

At the very primary stage, to get rid of the clogged bathtub you may try your own methods. It may solve your problem temporarily. But to solve it permanently you have no other way than to call a professional plumber. Sometimes, some people think that calling a plumber for this purpose is mere waste of money.

They try their different own discovered technique and ultimately damage the bathroom and may create an emergency situation. For this reason it is always better to call a professional plumber than to do experiment with it.

Make a list of reputed professional plumbing companies near to your house. keep their contact number ready. The bathtub clogging is such a common problem that it can happen at any time. These professional plumbers are well equipped with modern gadgets that are used in plumbing problem. Neither you have that nor do you know their handling. So if you want to use them, you will ultimately damage the bath tub. A professional person solves the problem in a most skillful way.

Moreover, various chemicals are available in the market for cleaning purpose. They are very toxic in nature. These chemicals are harmful for your health, especially skin and eye and also damaging for your bathroom unless you know their use. They are also harmful for the environment. When you hire a professional plumber, it is assured that they will perform the job in a safe and environmentally conscious fashion.


Avoiding big plumbing problems

People often ask if big plumbing problems or emergency situations can be averted. The answer is yes we can. You can easily avert the total breakdown of your plumbing system if there is a proper maintenance of plumbing system all through the year. It is essential to keep a watch on pipes and drainage system especially when you are living in an old home.

In an old home an aging plumbing system starts facing various problems now and then. Unless you repair them at the very primary stage, they may lead to costly damage or emergency situations. As plumbing system is a quite complex one, you need a regular maintenance to keep it in a proper condition. This article will give you a few simple tips so that you can easily avoid plumbing emergencies.

A Routine Check-up by Professional Plumber:

You cannot change your old home but what you can avoid those unwanted plumbing emergency with wide variety of regular maintenance check. Your home needs a thorough plumbing checkup with professional plumbers at least once a year. Some plumbing problems are not detected at the very primary stage, but an experienced plumber can detect it easily and this detection will help you to avert plumbing emergencies.

Again there are some problems which you will not be able to detect it in naked eyes. If you take professional help, the intense checking of your pipes can be done properly with special equipments like the camera and other things. So, if you do not want to face the problem, just give your plumbing system a routine check up with the professional plumber.

Do not Throw Garbage in the Sink:

Do not throw leftover foods, unused cooking oil, vegetable peels, etc. in your kitchen sink. This garbage has proper disposal system. Most people in a hurry to shortcut the cleaning process dump all the cooking waste in the sink. With time it clogs the sink and the problem arises. If there is a sink clogging problem, take the help of a plumber to get rid of it.

Prevent Freezing of the pipes:

A frozen pipe is a very common plumbing problem in the colder region. The frozen pipes often burst and problems arise. To avoid the situation let the cold water drip from the faucet when the weather is very cold outside. This prevents frizzing and bursting of the pipe. Apply electrical heating tape directly on pipes to stop freezing. Add extra insulation to keep basement pipes from freezing.

Do not Ignore even a small Pipe Leak:

The most common error that people make is to ignore a small leak. Even the smallest leak may raise your water bill. Not only that, a small leak turns bigger with time if it remains unattended for a long time. Call a plumber to repair the leak, and it is better not to do of your own unless you have proper knowledge on plumbing. You may damage plumbing system and lead it to plumbing emergency.

Regular inspections and maintenance from qualified and experienced plumbers prevent the most common plumbing problems.

Get Quick Solutions for Your Bathroom Plumbing Problems

If problems arise with your bathroom plumbing, it can lead to several problems. Not only unhygienic, plumbing problems in the bathroom can cause damage to your property and health as well. It is important to have your plumber on your premises as soon as possible so that all problems are tackled efficiently. It is not just about solving the present problem – it is also about ensuring that the problem doesn’t arise in future as well.

If you feel you can take care of the bathroom problem, you might be able to but remember, it’s going to be a temporary solution. You need a permanent solution – you need to identify the cause of the problem and have it fixed, so that it doesn’t occur again. Unless, you call professional services, the problem shall not be handled properly.

Bathroom plumbing problems are usually of various types – some might happen over a time and sometimes problems arise all of a sudden. You need to call the plumbers immediately before things get delayed. In other situations, if you carry out regular repairs and maintenance, you might be able to avoid the difficulty before it arises.

Here are some common bathroom plumbing problems – you need to be aware of!

Toilet Clogs –

A common problem in the bathroom but which causes a lot of panic amongst the homeowners. If you are witnessing a clogged toilet, or when you can see water backing up when you are flushing, it is a clear warning that you need to call your plumber. To avoid further problems, you need to first shut-off the valve of toilet so that the water supply is cut off. You need to turn off the knob so that there is no further water flow in the toilet. Once this is done, call your plumber instead of trying various DIY techniques.

Problems with Water Pressure:

Low water pressure or poor water pressure is a difficult problem. If you are noticing poor water flow or pressure, there is a problem with the plumbing system. This can happen due to limescale build on showerhead. This is not a difficult problem and can be solved quickly by plumbers who will simply clean the aerators or shower heads. At times, in case the problem is complicated, it might need further intervention.

Slow Tub Drainage:

If you are noticing slow draining from the tub, there might be a problem of clogging. It might happen that the drain pipe is full of hair. If the debris are removed, the slow drainage problem can be solved easily. Your plumber will arrive with the necessary equipment and get the clog removed shortly. Also, if the clog is caused due to some other reason, it shall be taken care of as well.

Pipe Leakage:

Every day 80% calls received by plumbing companies are related to leaking pipes in the bathroom. The fact is that when there is a pipe leakage, homeowners, can actually do nothing about it. The leakage source has to be found and taken care of by professionals only.

These were some of the major bathroom plumbing difficulties, though you might face other problems as well.